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12-Story Library Editor Picks

09Feb 20
Drought Threatens Food Supply In North Korea

Drought threatens food supply in North Korea

In the first five months of 2019, North Korea recorded just 2 inches of rainfall, far below the amount needed for crops to thrive. Fearing poor harvests, the government urged agricultural workers to try to protect fields from drought damage. Millions of North Koreans urgently need more to eat, according…

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09Feb 20
Stealth On Display: North Korea Tests New Short-range Missile

Stealth on display: North Korea tests new short-range missile

In May 2019, North Korea launched three modern missiles that are similar to a Russian design called the Iskander. The low-flying, satellite-guided weapons are potentially more difficult for U.S. anti-missile systems to intercept. Experts think North Korea conducted the tests to get the White House to resume negotiations after talks…

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