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12-Story Library Editor Picks

18Jun 19
Catching The Breeze, Naturally

Catching the breeze, naturally

In the hot desert cities of Iran, wind catchers were used for centuries to capture cool breezes and push them downward into living spaces and underground cellars that stored perishable food. Also known as “badgirs,” the chimney-like structures are excellent examples of how building designs were adapted to keep residents…

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21Aug 18

Iranian women stand up, lift hijabs for their rights

In Iran, the law states that women must wear headscarves, called hijabs. But in recent years, many women have protested this law, taking off their headscarves in public. For many, the hijab represents women’s overall lesser status in Iranian society. In addition to taking off their hijabs, women are finding…

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Lifting the Veil on Tehran’s Cultural Life

Persepolis – Achaemenid Empire

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