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12-Story Library Featured Editor Pick

25Mar 21
Poaching And Habitat Push African Elephants Towards Extinction

Poaching and habitat push African elephants towards extinction

Two species of elephants in Africa are under a lot of trouble. Savanna elephants and forest elephants populations have been declining in the past decades. The forest elephants are critically endangered—that’s the category right before extinction in the wild. Poaching is a big concern. People are killing elephants for their…

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17Sep 18
Working With Exotic Animals In South Africa

Working with exotic animals in South Africa

Canadian college student Brittney Hein hopes to be a veterinarian someday. In 2018, she had a chance not many students get. She traveled to South Africa to work with animals there. Hein spent two weeks at a wildlife center. She helped feed cheetahs and foxes, porcupines and African wild dogs.…

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29Aug 17

Stephanie Natt has most dangerous job at Utah’s Hogle Zoo

As the lead keeper of wild cats at Utah's Hogle Zoo, Stephanie Natt frequently has to answer a lot of questions from interested people. Her exotic and dangerous job is fascinating to outsiders, but it's the only career Natt has known. She has worked at the zoo in some capacity…

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