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17Sep 18

Video games are a big boost to the music industry

Video games didn’t even exist until the 1990s. Today many bands, musicians, and composers are finding success and earning their livings in video games. Some video games are as popular for their soundtracks as they are for their game play. Big names including Paul McCartney, Trent Reznor, and Skrillex have…

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17Sep 18

John Legend worked hard for his success

Singer, actor, and producer John Legend didn’t always work in music. He used to have a corporate job. But he couldn’t shake his passion for music. So he spent his days at his job and his nights writing songs and performing small gigs. Even when he was rejected by all…

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30Aug 17

Stream-ripping: The music piracy of the streaming era

Music piracy has decreased in recent years. With the introduction of free streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora, fewer people are turning to illegal sources to obtain music they want to listen to. But that doesn't mean music piracy is eliminated. Rather, the most common methods of piracy have…

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Making a Career in Music

Video: Making a Mandolin

Source: Julia Sumptner/Vimeo Creative Commons

Learn how Mike Dulak started a business making mandolins.

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What to Know About Being a Music Composer

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