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10Feb 20
Packed With Power—and Ready For Prey

Packed with power—and ready for prey

Triangle weaver spiders (genus Hypiotes) have a unique skill in the animal kingdom. They construct webs that are loaded with tension, anchoring themselves with silk from their abdomen and pulling the web tighter with a central line. When a bug hits the web, the spider releases its anchor line, slinging…

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01Oct 18

Venomous black widow spiders are heading north

Northern black widow spiders have never before been found in Canada. But they are expanding their range. Scientists think this is due to climate change. The small spider with the very painful bite likes warm weather. Northern black widows have now been found 58 miles (94 km) farther north than…

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18Aug 17

Spiders eat lizards in food chain reversal

The regal jumping spider weighs in at less than an ounce. A new study in the Journal of Arachnology has shown that this spider can devour frogs and lizards over twice that size. Many frogs and lizards are known to eat spiders, but this is the first discovery of the…

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Black Widow Spider

A black widow spider rolls up its food and takes it away.

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