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01Oct 18
Scientists Learn A Lot From Globetrotting Sea Turtle

Scientists learn a lot from globetrotting sea turtle

  In September 2018, scientists in Canada and Colombia were sad. A female sea turtle they called Red Rockette had been found dead near Digby, Nova Scotia. Red Rockette was tagged in 2012. Ever since, scientists had been following her travels to and from the Canadian province and a Colombian…

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16Aug 17
How Climate Change Is Impacting Sea Turtles

How climate change is impacting sea turtles

Every summer, some species of sea turtles migrate north along the east coast of North America to feed. When the weather starts to turn cool again, these turtles turn around and head south. Along the way, turtles sometimes get stuck at Cape Cod, an area of coastal land in Massachusetts…

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Range Map of Leatherback Turtles

Sea Turtle

A hawksbill turtle swims over a coral reef.

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