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23Mar 20

Penguins explore an aquarium in Chicago

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in the U.S., the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago temporarily closed. The animal keepers decided to take advantage of visitor-free aquarium by letting some of the animals explore outside of their normal areas. One penguin, Wellington, got to visit a fish display called “Amazon Rising.”…

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01Oct 18

Penguin poo spotted from space

A super-colony of Adélie penguins has been discovered, thanks to their poo. Big patches of it were seen in photos taken from space. The birds were found on the Danger Islands, part of the Antarctic Peninsula. In 2015, a team of researchers went to the islands to count the penguins.…

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16Aug 17

Penguin migration tracked thanks to feathers

Chinstrap and Adélies Penguins migrate hundreds of miles across the Southern Ocean. But how do you track where the penguins have traveled? A new study shows that this information can actually be gained from the penguins' feathers. Before attaching geotrackers to 52 penguins, scientists removed a piece of tail feather.…

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