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11Nov 18

Calls to end War in Afghanistan come on 17th anniversary of conflict

The 17th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan occurred in October 2018. Many people say it’s time to end the conflict, including Representative Ruben Gallego. The Arizona official serving in the US House believes, “American troops should come home.” Gallego’s opinion might carry more weight than others. He is a…

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25Aug 16

Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress visit troops in Afghanistan

US troops stationed at Afghan Forward Operating Base Oqab in Kabul had some special visitors recently. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and seven other members of the House of Representatives spent two days visiting with the troops and meeting with generals. Before their trip to Kabul, the delegation spent time…

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19Aug 16

Obama greenlights Afghan surge to regain upper hand

The Afghan military has seen heavy losses over the last two years as it continues to battle insurgent forces. But a new initiative working closely with American fighters could turn the tide. President Obama had to approve of the plan, which allows more direct involvement by US troops, though they…

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Afghanistan News

Video: Training Afghan Soldiers

Source: Evan Groll/Vimeo Creative Commons

How United States Marines worked to train Afghan soldiers so that they could eventually protect their own country.

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US Embassy in Kabul Tweets

  • USEmbassyKabul

    RT @USAmbKabul: 4/4 I appreciate the significant improvements for Afghan women & girls, including access to education & health care. We wil…

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  • USEmbassyKabul

    RT @USAmbKabul: 3/4 We will continue to work with Afghan people and institutions towards good governance, improved management and accountab…

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  • USEmbassyKabul

    RT @USAmbKabul: 2/4 The U.S. will continue its support to ensure sustainable meaningful advancement towards peace. We join the donor commun…

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  • USEmbassyKabul

    RT @USAmbKabul: 1/4 I am pleased to join other donors in confirming our commitment to the people of Afghanistan; the US recognizes the soci…

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Photo Gallery: A Decade of War in Afghanistan

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