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11Nov 18
Nuclear Weapons Could Have Been Used In Vietnam War

Nuclear weapons could have been used in Vietnam War

Nuclear weapons were used by the United State to help end World War II, but never again. Military officials have considered their use since, including during the Vietnam War. New information sheds light on a top-secret group in the Pacific Command that planned how nuclear weapons might be used. Even…

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07Dec 16

Women of the Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War (1954–1975), the People's Army of North Vietnam fought against US forces in South Vietnam. Vietnamese women lost spouses and children during the fighting. Many women also fought to defend their country. Some joined the People's Army, where they fought as soldiers or worked as nurses on the front lines.…

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19Aug 16

Replica Vietnam veterans memorial travels to Cleveland

The iconic black granite of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., is a humbling tribute to those Americans who lost their lives more than 50 years ago. This summer, Americans around the country are getting their chance to experience the wall with the Vietnam War Memorial traveling wall exhibit.…

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Vietnam War Photo Gallery

Veterans Remember the Vietnam War

Vietnam veterans look back at the reaction they received when returning home from war, and the value in honoring veterans today.

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Tweets

Interactive Timeline of the Vietnam War

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