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All Sera Visser wants to do is pass her finals. Sera is one of the few selected for a chance to be part of Zeta Squadron, an elite group of space pilots. All she needs to do is complete one flight, from the Old World to the New Colonies. Her mission doesn’t start off well, and damage to one of her engines sends her off course. She crashes onto a violent dwarf planet with a molten core that is slowly devouring its surface. And that might be the least of her worries.


About the Author

Thomas Kingsley Troupe has been writing since he was in 2nd grade. Now that he’s older and somewhat wiser, he’s written a few books you might actually want to read. Born and raised in “Nordeast” Minneapolis, Thomas now lives in Woodbury, Minnesota, with the rest of his “Troupes.” When he’s not writing about weird and sometimes scary stuff, he’s fighting fires or chasing ghosts with the Twin Cities Paranormal Society. He enjoys a good taco.

Thomas Kingsley Troupe’s 12 Stories

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