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Years in the future, the world is in the midst of an energy crisis. Best friends Liam and Grace spend their evenings sneaking around abandoned buildings. One night, they spot a man wandering in the deadly radiation zone. How can he survive? Is he an alien? A zombie? Liam and Grace have to find out.

About the Author

Sean Tulien is a children’s book editor from Minnesota. In his spare time, he likes to read, exercise, eat sushi, play with his pet bunny, Habibi, and pet hamster, Buddy, exercise outdoors, listen to loud music, spend time with his parter-in-crime, Nicolle, and write weird books. He has written several comic books, chapter books featuring The Flash and Batman, and several other strange stories. Meltdown Town is his first foray into sci-fi — but definitely not his last.

Sean Tulien’s 12 Stories

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