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Raiders, Broncos Trade Taunts On Twitter

The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos have been fierce rivals on the field since 1960. In the middle of a long offseason, the two teams took the rivalry online in the aftermath of the 2016 NFL Draft. It began with a story from that declared the Broncos’ defense “rules” the AFC West division. Feeling slighted, the Raiders replied with a correction: that the Broncos defense “ruled” the AFC West, and it was now the Raiders’ turn to dominate. The Broncos got a chuckle out of that idea, so they posted a picture of their general manager (and hall of fame quarterback) John Elway laughing. The teams then continued to trade shots back and forth. The Broncos indeed have ruled the AFC West, with five straight division titles and a Super Bowl win last season. The Raiders, meanwhile, hope the young talent they boast on defense will deliver their first winning record since 2002. The Broncos-Raiders rivalry renews on the field in Week 9 of the 2016 season, when they meet in Oakland for a Sunday night game on November 6.

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