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Time wasn’t just running out on the Green Bay Packers, it had literally run out. As in, the clock read 0:00. But then fortune smiled on the Packers. They had come back from a 20–0 deficit on the road against the Detroit Lions, but with time expired it seemed the Lions had held on for a 23–21 upset — and their first season sweep of Green Bay since 1991. On what looked like the game’s final play, Lions defensive end Devin Taylor was penalized for grabbing the facemask of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Replays showed Taylor made only slight contact with the facemask, but such a penalty is not subject to instant replay. The Packers thus got the chance to run one more play with no time on the clock. At their own 39-yard line, the Packers had no choice but to go for the end zone. Rodgers bought time for his receivers to get to the end zone, then heaved the ball deep. Waiting for it with no Lions receivers in front of him was Rodgers — tight end Richard Rodgers — who made the touchdown catch. Though officially 61 yards, the pass actually traveled further based on Aaron Rodgers’ deep drop. It quite possibly was the longest Hail Mary pass in NFL history.

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