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12-Story Library Editor Picks

07Apr 17

Diver finds first European cave fish

There are approximately 200 species of fish around the world that live in caves. Until recently, scientists believed that no cave fish lived in Europe. But in 2015, a diver…

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17Aug 16

Zoos could soon be changing their focuses

Top zoo designers say that soon, zoos will shift their focus toward conservation and featuring larger exhibits. This shift comes along with growing public concern for animal welfare. Zoos will…

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National Zoo Animal Photo Gallery

Video: Inside Yellowstone – Winter Animal Adaptations

Source:National Park Service

Learn how animals in Yellowstone National Park adapt for winter.

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San Diego Zoo Tweets

  • sandiegozoo

    RT @sdzglobal: "Angalifu is indeed still living on in the Frozen Zoo® and I have seen his beating heart cells in our lab." - Marisa K. fro…

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    @IrishRedHead82 Thanks for supporting us with your visit! We hope you enjoy the @sdzsafaripark 🦏

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  • sandiegozoo

    @howcaniNOT Ellie has been super patient with the pair and letting them venture further together every day. We ape-…

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    @howcaniNOT Aisha is 5 years old. Her birthday is in October 🥳

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