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20Aug 18

Historic drought drying out Australian farmlands

Across large parts of Australia, record-low rainfall and above-average temperatures are taking a toll on farmers. As hot, dry conditions persist, croplands are drying out. There is not enough vegetation to support cattle herds. Even large, century-old trees are dying off in drought-affected areas. Farmers worry they may lose everything…

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ABC Environment News – Australia

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    RT @backyardbirdo: Birds are singing in the bright summer sun, head outdoors for some surveying fun! Just 2 weeks to get your @BirdlifeOz B…

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    RT @SandyHorne61: The musk lorikeets have found my apple trees now. It gets a bit noisy out there now with lots of parrots feasting. @Parro…

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    With summer temps soaring, the single best thing you can do for birds is place a shallow dish of water in the shade…

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