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NASA rover, Perseverance, touches down safely on Mars

After 203 days and 293 million miles, NASA’s latest Mars rover landed safely on the Red Planet. After the usual “seven minutes of terror,” the rover became the fifth vehicle to land on Mars. It touched down in Jezero Crater…

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NASA to fly Ingenuity where no aircraft has been before—Mars

Ingenuity will attempt the first flight on another planet. The four-pound helicopter is strapped to NASA’s Perseverance rover. On Mars, the aircraft will perform a series of test flights to demonstrate if flight is possible. If the missions are a…

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United Arab Emirates plans to launch Mars mission by 2021

The United Arab Emirates released plans to launch its first space probe in time for the country’s 50th anniversary in 2021. The mission’s team consists entirely of Emirati scientists, and their probe is called Hope because they believe that their…

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New NASA spacecraft Orion could take humans to Mars

NASA hopes its new Orion spacecraft will eventually be able to take humans as far away as Mars. Before the new spaceship can go into deep space, however, it must undergo flight testing closer to home. That starts on Dec. 4, when…

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