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Today’s News

Today’s News investigates today’s most-talked about stories. Each book highlights 12 things everyone should know about a particular topic. Explore the causes of climate change and wild weather or the innovations of space exploration and the fracking industry. Discover why each topic is significant, who is involved, and who or what is affected. Become an expert on some of the world’s most important issues.

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  • Dewey: 303–363, 520–577
  • Reading Level: Grades 3–5
  • Interest Level: Grades 3–6
  • Page Count: 32
  • Trim Size: 7″ x 9″
  • Lexile Levels: 760–920L
  • ATOS Levels: 5.4–6.0
  • Correlation with National Curriculum
    • CCSS RI 4.1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8; RI 5.1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8; RL 4.1, 4; RL 5.1, 7
    • NCSS 2, 8, 9
    • NSES C, D, E


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“In an attempt to get students to think critically and draw well-formed conclusions, this set takes a balanced look at complicated current events, breaking each issue down into 12 manageable facts or aspects. Each book employs a clear narrative style, as well as a clean, dynamic design, with text boxes containing supplemental information and color captioned photos with eye-catching text bubbles. The subjects, which include everything from terrorism to fracking to the stock market are discussed from modern-day and historical perspectives, providing different contexts to consider. ‘Think About It’ boxes interspersed throughout ask questions, encouraging readers to provide textual evidence for their answers, which aligns with Common Core standards. VERDICT: The engaging format will enlighten readers and keep them turning pages. Solid general purchase options.”

School Library Journal, April 2015

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“For all that fracking is in the news, actually explaining it to children as something other than just a funny-sounding word can prove problematic, but this volume in the Today’s News series makes a noble effort. Although it’s only 32 pages, there are plenty of facts about fracking in it—more than just the 12 boasted on the cover. Each two-page spread starts with an overarching fact about an element of fracking and follows with a detailed explanation. Full-color, sometimes full-page photographs appear on each page, with captions, and colorful sidebars and text boxes sum up the information concisely. A few ‘Think about It’ writing prompts will be helpful for classroom use. An interesting, easy-to-read book that strives to stay neutral on a hot-button topic.”

12 Things to Know About Fracking
Booklist, January 2015


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