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26Aug 15

US orchestra performs in Cuba

The Minnesota Orchestra performed in Cuba in mid-May, breaking the nearly 16-year gap when the last major American orchestra visited the country. The performance happened just a couple of months…

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Belfer Center: International Security Tweets

  • BelferCenter

    RT @TAPP_Project: .@BelferCenter’s Democracy and Internet Governance Initiative (DIGI) is excited to announce the launch of the Digital Pla…

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  • BelferCenter

    RT @juliettekayyem: This complaint describes the racist theory of "accelerationism": 1. Attack a grid; 2. Assume "cascading failure" that w…

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    RT @WorldBoston: LAST CHANCE -- Registration closes tomorrow! On Feb 8, Dr. Mariana Budjeryn (@mbudjeryn @ManagingtheAtom @BelferCenter) w…

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    RT @saradzhyan: A must read: One of Russia's most thoughtful experts on nuclear arms, Alexey Arbatov, has weighed in on scenarios for use…

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Video: Looking Back on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Source: DVIDS

On October 22, 1962, President John F. Kennedy prevented nuclear weapons shipments from the Soviet Union to Cuba. This became known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Interactive: Thirteen Days in October 1962

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