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12-Story Library Editor Picks

19Apr 16
Octopus Escapes From New Zealand Aquarium

Octopus escapes from New Zealand aquarium

An octopus named Inky has escaped from the New Zealand's National Aquarium. Maintenance workers left a gap at the top of his tank. The hole was large enough for the octopus to slip through. Based…

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04Apr 16
The End Of Orca Shows At SeaWorld

The end of orca shows at SeaWorld

On March 17, SeaWorld announced that it would no longer breed orcas. This decision came after years of criticism from animal rights activists. The pressure increased after a 2012 book…

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Dog News

Dogs News -- ScienceDaily

Veterinary research and news on dogs as companions, canine health, wolf pack behavior and more. If it is news about dogs, you will find it here!

Dolphins Using Tools

Dolphins are smart marine animals that have learned to use tools to hunt for food.

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