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06Apr 20
Changing Focus Can Improve Athletic Performance

Changing focus can improve athletic performance

Athletes sometimes hear coaches say, “Come on, focus!” It’s not that the person isn’t focused, it’s just on something ineffective. We have control over where we choose to focus. We can direct our attention internally or externally. Studies have shown that athletes perform better when they put their focus on…

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18Jun 19
Workout Wisdom: Know Your Body Type For Maximum Benefits

Workout wisdom: Know your body type for maximum benefits

You’ve probably heard the saying “practice makes perfect,” but when it comes to athletics, your genetic makeup matters, too. There are three distinct body types—the scientific term is “somatotypes”—ranging from thin with a fast metabolism to stocky with a slower metabolism. Each type responds differently to the same physical activity.…

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14Nov 18

A new shoe sensor could improve athletic performance

Can something in your shoe make you a better athlete and prevent injury? Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana think so. They developed an insole shoe sensor. The sensor measures forces on the foot and sends the data to a computer or tablet. Athletes can use the data to improve…

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American Council on Exercise News

Gallery: Eight Athlete-Approved Snacks

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Video: Training With an Elite Climber

Source: David Tam/Vimeo Creative Commons

Canadian rock climber Celeste Wall describes her training regimen.

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