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12-Story Library Editor Picks

28May 19
Biography Explores Life Of A Famous Wolf

Biography explores life of a famous wolf

Biographies are usually written about people. But a 2018 book from Nate Blakeslee takes on a different subject. He writes about the life of a wolf. The subject of Blakeslee’s biography is O-Six, a female wolf who lived in Yellowstone National Park. Sometimes called “the world’s most famous wolf,” O-Six…

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23Dec 16
Write Your Holiday Memories

Write your holiday memories

What holiday traditions does your family have? Do you light candles, decorate a tree, or bake delicious food? The sights and sounds of the holiday season are often some of the most memorable. This makes them a great source of ideas for nonfiction writing. By using specific details in your…

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25Aug 16

Writing about “real” people

Many stories, even fictional ones, are based on real stories and people. Sometimes, writers get permission to write about people, but other times they just change the details of a story so that it's not recognizable as one specific person. Writing about real people is complicated and has different rules…

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