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07Jul 19
Magic In The Mix: Antarctica’s Green Icebergs

Magic in the mix: Antarctica’s green icebergs

When you think of icebergs, you probably picture a whitish-blue hue. But did you know that some icebergs in Antarctica are actually green? The emerald-colored formations have fascinated sailors and scientists for decades. Now, researchers may have figured out what causes these colorful curiosities. Here’s a clue: What do you…

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10Dec 18
Rectangular Iceberg Found In The Weddell Sea

Rectangular iceberg found in the Weddell Sea

Scientists on a NASA research plane in October 2018 took a photograph of a strange-looking iceberg floating in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica. It had a flat surface, vertical sides, pointed edges, and sharp corners. This kind of iceberg has a special name: tabular iceberg. The one in the NASA…

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