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09Feb 20
The Missing Link: Stonehenge Core Turned In By Excavator

The missing link: Stonehenge core turned in by excavator

In 1958, a British company raised fallen stones at Stonehenge, drilling holes and inserting metal rods to add strength. One member of the team, Robert Phillips, stashed a stone core in his office, taking it with him when he moved from England to New York to California. Phillips only recently…

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18Jun 19
Discovered: Ancient Symbols Of A Lost Civilization

Discovered: Ancient symbols of a lost civilization

Archaeologists in western India have uncovered thousands of prehistoric rock carvings, known as petroglyphs, that could be the oldest ever found. Depicting animals, people, sea creatures, and more, the hilltop etchings were mostly hidden by layers of soil and mud. The petroglyphs offer important clues about a previously unknown civilization…

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