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12-Story Library Featured Editor Pick

17Sep 18

How one woman became an astronomer

Kathryn Johnson was seven years old when she saw the original Star Wars movie. Today she’s a professor in the astronomy department at Columbia University in New York City. At first, she wanted to be an astronaut. Instead, she makes a living studying the universe. Johnson feels challenged by her…

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30Aug 17

The future of science: More young scientists

A recent study found that most scientists today are older than 55. That means they are close to retirement and will soon need to be replaced in the workforce. However, thanks to new policies and awards that help younger scientists get funding, the number of young scientists may soon increase.…

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Video: Marine Biology

Source: IODE OceanTeacher/Vimeo Creative Commons

Dr. Lisa Svensson talks about some of the questions the field of marine biology explores.

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