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01Oct 18

Basking sharks still a mystery

Scientists don’t know very much about the basking shark. They know it’s the biggest fish in British waters. They know it’s not really basking, or sunbathing, when it’s on the surface of the ocean. Instead, it’s swimming along very slowly, eating plankton. But where do these fish go in the…

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17Aug 17

New tiny shark species glows in the dark

A new species of shark has recently been identified by scientists. It was given the name Etmopterus lailae, and it only weighs in at 2 pounds (0.9 kg). Despite its small body, the shark can be identified by its large nose — and the fact that it glows in the…

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Video: Great White Shark

Source:Shutterstock Images

A great white tries to take a bite of bait.

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