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01Oct 18

Phthalates are found in wild dolphins

Phthalates (thah-lates) are chemicals that are used to make plastics, cosmetics, and paints. They are found in many things around people’s homes. Recently scientists were surprised to learn they are also found in wild bottlenose dolphins. From 2016 to 2017, researchers collected urine samples from 17 dolphins found in Sarasota…

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16Aug 17

What makes Pinky the dolphin pink?

Pinky, a pink dolphin that is sometimes spotted in Louisiana, recently made an appearance as it swam beside a boat full of people. But what gives Pinky its pink color? Wthout genetic testing, experts can't know for sure. But they have some theories. Pinky was spotted first in 2007 with…

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Range Map of Common Bottlenose Dolphin

Spinner Dolphins

Watch Spinner dolphins leap from the water.

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