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Hidden History

22Aug 18

A Clue to the Lost Colony?

An old map might hold an important clue to the lost colony of Roanoke. Historians have taken a closer look at a 425-year-old map in London’s British Museum. It shows a four-pointed star where the colonists might have settled. The star is located in what is now North Carolina. A…

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Series Editor Picks

22Aug 18

Lake Toplitz Explorers Keep Secrets

What has recently been found in Lake Toplitz? In the summer of 2018, a high-tech team searched the 300-foot-deep, mile-long lake for “Nazi treasures.” The team recovered “significant man-made objects.”…

22Aug 18

Can bats help defend us against bioweapons?

The US military has a long history of using animals in warfare. But they have never had much luck with bats. Bats can’t be trained to follow orders. They’re tiny…

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Are you a curious cat? Do you enjoy learning things other people don’t know? Then this series is for you. It’s filled with stories you won’t find in most history books: about lost treasures, secret groups, deserted cities, and conspiracy theories. About events long forgotten and people who should be remembered. Dig in!

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