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31Jul 18

How would building a wall along the US-Mexico border affect animals?

The border between the US and Mexico is 2,000 miles long. It passes through deserts, mountains, rivers, streams, forests, wetlands, marshes, and swamps. Many of these are biologically diverse. Some species live nowhere else on Earth. Fences harm wildlife, disrupt animal behaviors, and block migration routes. Those are just a few of the problems walls…

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Series Editor Picks

01Aug 18

The oceans are drowning in plastic trash

Picture five grocery bags of plastic trash, piled high along every foot of coastline on Earth. That’s about how much plastic waste ends up in the oceans each year. Some…

31Jul 18

What’s going on with Mount Kilauea?

Mount Kilauea on Hawaii’s Big Island is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Its latest eruption started in 1983 and has been going on ever since. On May 3,…

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Where can you go to swim with sharks? Hike along rooftops in a city? Race across a desert? Watch icebergs being born? Discover the distant past? This exciting series is all about daring, dreaming, and exploring. Get ready to learn about the farthest, deepest, highest, coldest places on the planet—and beyond.

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