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18Apr 17
New ocean robots could help humans do dangerous jobs

New ocean robots could help humans do dangerous jobs

Exploring the ocean and repairing underwater structures can be dangerous work. But scientists are designing robots that could do these jobs. One kind of robot looks like a snake. It would repair and inspect oil rigs. Its thin, flexible shape would allow it to go where divers cannot. Tiny submarines known as ecosubs could help…

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30Aug 17

The future of science: More young scientists

A recent study found that most scientists today are older than 55. That means they are close to retirement and will soon need to be replaced in the workforce. However,…

30Aug 17

Report: Math skills help lead to best jobs

If you love math, you're in luck! A 2015 CareerCast report ranked the top-ten best jobs based on categories such as salary, hiring opportunities, and stress level. According to their…

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